Transparent Consulting, Managed Services, and Staffing for Your Business and Technology Needs.

Transparent Consulting, Managed Services, and Staffing for Your Industrial Design and Prototyping Needs.

Transparent Consulting, Managed Services, and Staffing for Your Private Family Office Needs.

Why – We believe growing a business should benefit all stakeholders and be a little bit fun.

Vision – To make transparency the norm.

Business – Business and technology staffing.

Delivery Models – Managed service, SOW, VMS, Contingent.

Culture – Shared success/FABIPI


Fun: Our team knows when to joke around and when to buckle down. We believe work can and should be enjoyable and part of this is fun.

Appreciation: We value candor and directness, and we only say about fellow employees what we’ll say to their faces. We don’t micromanage; we trust each other. 

Balance: We make appropriate time for work, friends and family. We take care of ourselves physically and mentally, and we stay in the moment whether we’re at home, at work, and of course at play. We prioritize what can be done well now and what can be improved later.

Impact: We pride ourselves in producing large amounts of useful work in a short time. Our teammates know they can rely on us. We exhibit bias-to-action, and we focus on results rather than on process. We’re not impressed with how many hours you worked this week; we only want to know what you got done.

Passion: We inspire each other to think bigger, work smarter, and be excellent at our jobs. First, we want to see each other succeed. Second, we want to see the company succeed. We believe the second is a symptom of the first. We celebrate wins and we bounce back quickly from setbacks.

Innovation: We challenge prevailing ideas and assumptions when warranted and we offer alternatives. We bring new and useful ideas to the table. We work to minimize complexity and we make time to simplify.


Brad Coulter

Brad Coulter on LinkedIn

I took a step away from the staffing consulting industry for several years to run a consumer Internet startup. I believe this helped open my eyes to the power of transparency and authenticity. It made me ask myself why couldn’t the same trends be applied to the consulting and staffing world.

Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers on LinkedIn

After 10 years in the employment industry, I felt the timing — for me and the staffing,
— was right for a company like Concordis.

Matt Brynildson, SPHR

Matt Brynildson on LinkedIn

Over the past 20-plus years, I’ve served as an HR executive for Chevron, Coca-Cola,
Kenworth Truck Co., PACCAR, and other companies. During that time I worked with
consultants and staffing partners around the world. I then joined Concordis because its
model immediately stood out from what I had previously experienced in the industry as
being innovative, proactive, and sustainable.

Pathwise Leadership–certified

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Influenced by Pathwise teachings, Concordis was built around and is powered by its
Shared Success model. Concordis’ Shared Success model is intentionally designed to
encourage a Level Four culture and environment.